Saturday, November 26, 2011

Microsoft's TellMe vs Apples' Siri

Microsoft and Apple have been a life long competitors in almost every technological field there is. So when one comes up with an idea that works and the same idea gets accepted by the masses then the other company tries to make the same thing in a different way.

So when the new iPhone 4S was unveiled at Apples' "Let's talk iPhone" event back in October 4, 2011 with it came Siri, a new built in application based on voice commands (now mind you, this wasn't the first voice commands application / tool for a phone but Siri was a lot more intelligent and efficient than all before it, you will see it still is in the video we'll show you).

The iPhone 4S wasn't that huge of a success with the Apple fans and iPhone users but the application that redeemed this iPhone was the one and only Siri. This voice command based application soon won the hearths of millions tech fans with it's intelligent design and huge efficiency level and soon became a must have tool for a lot of people.
Noticing the great success Apple had with Siri Microsoft decided to make a voice command app of their own and integrate it in their next cell phone unit, so TellMe came to be.
What's the difference between these two you ask, well watch this video and decide for yourself.


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