Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A game changer!

Guys, for the few who follow me I have a big news. I made a post 2 days ago about games that are free to play. I realized had a lot to share on that topic and since my blog doesn't seem to get any attention I realized I'm doing something wrong so I've decide to change the name and URL of my blog, and to focus writing on a single topic, the topic being games that all of you can get off the internet for free!. I do this hoping it will increase the number of my readers cause as things stand i have more than 10 posts and less than 100 views.

So here's to a new beginning! Hope you guys will like my decision, I sure could use some support.
I'll start posting on this topic really soon, I'd appreciate if you guys leave a comment is this a good decision or not... Thanks for reading!


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