Friday, November 25, 2011

The best budget PC!

The technology involving computers these days, changes over night, and so do their prices, so being on top of the new components that are manufactured by the large PC companies is crucial!

Now if you're interested in a steady office / browsing PC then this is what the place to visit:

Those computers are more commonly known in the PC industry as low end PCs or low budget PCs

Then we move on to the mid-end of the computers...

This is the PC most people get, it's very good for everyday tasks: from watching movies, listening to music, browsing the internet, and most importantly they are capable of playing most of the games that are out perfectly...

The i5-2500k Intel processor is mentioned as a mid-end component here, this is the same processor i use and i have to say i'm really pleased with it there hasn't been a game i can't play to the max, and it's price is just amazing.
 Not to get off topic here is a bit more on the i5-2500k and it's bigger brother the i7-2600k (both excellent processors)

And finally the high-end PCs, this babies can cost up to 4,000 $ and more, i don't need to tell you these aren't  for anyone...
But with this price come a lot of perks. To help you decide whether you should or shouldn't buy this kind of a PC the guys from TechSpot wrote a nice article about this. And for those of you who will buy it I can assure you that you won't regret it!

The article, check it out:


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