Sunday, November 27, 2011

Amazing free to play games! Pt.1

The Gaming industry is currently at it's peak, games get better and better, they look superb, they tell a better story, and overall they offer a better experience. This being said it's no surprise to us that their price has grown quite a bit as well, and not all of us have the money to buy every game we want, so no wonder a lot of game developers decide to make their game "Free 2 Play".

Today we'll be looking at some of the most fun Free 2 play games out there who are worth a try.

Free games on STEAM (note: you'll need a Steam Client to play the next 3 games I'm going to talk about):

- Team Fortress 2 (Fun Multiplayer FPS)

Let me just start of by saying that this game is awesome! It's a first person shooter made by Valve (a game developer which never fails to produce an awesome game) with quite a large community backing it up. The game is based on the classic shooter game genre, so when joining into a game you can choose one of the two teams Blue or Red. Every team has the same 9 classes which players can choose from. Every class has a special role in the team and special items. The character customization in this game is quite awesome for a first person shooter as well, there are numerous hats and badges in the store that you can buy. There is also a huge amount of maps, and mods for this game (after all this is Valve we're talking about).
I personally play this game and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a great fun and likes FPS games (with or without friends) . The only thing bad about this game I can think of is that sometimes finding a decent server takes too long.

Visit the offical Team Fortress 2 webpage to register and start playing now :

Another awesome Free 2 Play game on STEAM is:

-Alien Swarm (4 player Co-op campaign game)

This is a third person game with an isometric view (meaning you see the game from top something like Magicka and Diablo) which is quite fun. In a few words the story goes something like this you and three more space marines (who can be played by your friends) are sent to a planet where an alien infestation is happening so the planet is crawling with alien bugs who you need to kill in order to save the day. The game doesn't have too much depth to it but there still is a bit more then it meets the eye. There are 4 types of marines (up to 2 players can be same type of marine) from which you and your friends can choose from. Every marine has a special trick up their sleeve. There is a commander, a heavy gunner, a medic and a tech marine. Every one of the has different perks who are needed in order to pass the level. The game has a lot of weapons and quite a large number of difficulty settings, but the campaign it self is quite short. The thing i found quite strange when playing this game was after finishing it on "normal" difficulty i was level 9 and i believe you can go as far as level 30 unlocking more and more weapons along the way. So the game is meant to be played like an arcade game trying to beat your old record and set a new one, and the difficulty levels are just ridiculous on this game. The bad things about this game are a couple, like I said I would love to have seen a bit more maps and levels, and setting up a game was a bit difficult but nothing you guys can handle.
Bottom line this game does it's purpose delivering an awesome arcade style of gameplay with a lot of chaos but in a good way. This game is a must try for co-op fanatics and arcade game lovers.

To look at the game's trailer and to get it for FREE visit:

But there is more you can get on STEAM for free like:

-TrackMania Nations Forever (A multiplayer racing game)

There is not a lot I can talk about this game. It's a free racing game with a lot of history. You drive in a formula on maps that are mostly custom made and will leave you out of breath every time you drive trough one. It's a very competitive game and everything is based on rankings and you get rewarded for every race you finish. So if you want a new to experience a new type of racing for FREE this is the game to get.

Cons: The graphics are not the best but, they are far from bad as well.
To get the game for free visit and download the game for free.

Next I will talk about a few Free 2 play MOBA games. MOBA games are based on the DOTA.
You can find out more on this here (

- League of Legends (Great MOBA game)

This is the game I play the most these days.
 If you like DOTA then you can't go wrong with this one. It's RIOT GAMES (company's name) only game so they update it every second week so this game won't get old for quite some time. With over 30 million registered users this game has one of the largest communities out there. If you ask me this is the best MOBA game that is out at the moment. Only thing bad about it is that when you have a community this large you are bound to run into a lot of players who simply put are hard to play with but other than that the game is perfect. I talked about the size of the game and i think this infographic might help you understand the true volume of this game.

To play League of Legends for Free! click on the link below to register your own account:

Sometime next week I'll release "Best free to play gmaes! Pt. 2" so stay up to date!

Hope this was helpful guys, bye!


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