Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free game #2: Alien Swarm

Alien Swarm is a free downloadable game on Steam. It's a third person game with an isometric view (meaning you see the game from, top something like Magicka and Diablo) which is quite fun. In a few words the story goes something like this. you and three more space marines (who can be played by your friends) are sent to a planet where an alien infestation has happened so the planet is crawling with alien bugs who you need to kill in order to save the day. The game doesn't have too much depth to it but there still is a bit more than it meets the eye. There are 4 types of marines or classes (up to 2 players can be the same type of marine) from which you and your friends can choose from. Every marine has a special trick up their sleeve. There is a commander, a heavy gunner, a medic and a tech marine. Every one of them has different perks who are needed in order to pass the level. The game has a lot of weapons and quite a large number of difficulty settings, but the campaign it self is quite short.
 The thing i found quite strange when playing this game was after finishing it on "normal" difficulty i was level 9 and i believe you can go as far as level 30 unlocking more and more weapons along the way.
 So the game is meant to be played like an arcade game trying to beat your old record and set a new one, and the difficulty levels are just ridiculous on this game. 
The game has a couple of flaws, I would love to have seen a bit more maps and levels, and setting up a game  and getting everyone in was a bit difficult but nothing you guys can't handle.

Bottom line this game does it's purpose delivering an awesome arcade style of gameplay with a lot of chaos and action which is always nice in this kind of a game. This game is a must try for co-op fanatics and arcade game lovers.

To watch the trailer and get the game for free visit the Alien Swarm official website now!

I leave you with a gameplay video of the game and as always comment telling me what kind of a game you would like to see next time


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