Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free game #1: Mari0

Since I decided that I'll write to you guys about free games you can get off the internet, I think I will start counting them from now on. So for #1 I got a really cool game to share with you. It's a flash games called Mari0
made from the Stabyourself guys, it's a mix from the classic Nintendo game Super Mario Bros. and Valve's epic Portal. When I first saw this I was amazed, to make a game this original and incredible is awesome hats off to the guys from Stabyourself . Sadly this game isn't out yet but they did said on their YouTube channel that they'll be releasing it to the end of 2011, so it won't be too long from now.

This is a video that was released not too long ago of the infamous game! Pretty awesome check it out.

Play with as many players as you can connect joypad on your PC (+1 for the keyboard/mouse)

That's all guys hoped you found this useful, give me a thought on what you think about the game and what kind of a game you would like to see in the future!

Cheers, Iv40


Wow, nice post. Must try it out :)

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

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