Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free game #3: Team Fortress 2

Today I will talk about Team Fortress 2, another epic game that you can get on Steam for free. Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer First person shooter made by Valve, a game corporation that many praise as one of the best. The original Team Fortress game was a mod on the popular Quake engine. Team Fortress 2 debuted on October 10, 2007 as a part of the game compilation Orange Box on PC. The got released as a stand alone game on April 9, 2008. Team Fortress 2 went "free to play" June, 2011.
Now I've played the game quite a lot and can assure you that it has a great gameplay for an FPS game, and the cartoony graphics and looks of the game combined with the personality each class has gives the game a unique humor to it. There are 9 classes of which you can choose. Each with an original feel and gameplay to it.

The classes in TF2:
There are quite a lot of items in TF2 and there are multiple ways of getting them, some are rewards for completing achievements, for others you will just have to be lucky and hope you'll get them while playing (there are random item drops in the game). And for those who're just too lazy and not so lucky there is an item store  to buy all of these cool items. Also TF2 unique inventory system allows you to craft rare items by sacrificing other common items. 
The graphics like I said have a cartoon feel to it which really suits the game, it looks superb and everything runs fluently. I achieve up to 200+ frames per second with vertical sync off with everything maxed out so you really shouldn't have any problem with the game freezing up to you.
The game sounds great as well. The game has it's own soundtrack, and they've really done great job with how their characters sound, something you can notice while playing the game.

The game doesn't really have an Official trailer but Valve did released a mini-series called "Meed the..." showcasing all of their classes.

Check them out:

"Meet the Sniper"

"Meet the Spy"

"Meet the Medic"

"Meet the Heavy"

"Meet the Soldier"

"Meet the Engineer"

"Meet the Demoman"

"Meet the Scout"

The mysterious Pyro still hasn't got it's own "Meet the"... I'm hoping they'll release one for him soon!

Finally to get this game for Free visit the Official Team Fortress 2 website.

And as always don't forget to leave a comment telling me for what should I write next!

Cheers Iv40!


Awesome game! Awesome post! Keep it going.

I've been playing this game since it went F2P, it's epik!

Very fun game expecualy when playing with friends, EPIC!

I remember the time when we used to play TF2 together, lots of fun :)

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Sangy yeah, we should do it again soon

Btw tell me what you kind of game you want to see next!

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